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Medicare Blood Deductible and Blood Transfusion Benefit - What is it Worth?

By justinJun 17, 2015

If you are shopping for a Medicare Supplement Plan you might notice that all of them offer coverage - in whole or in part - for blood transfusions.   That’s because Medicare Part A provides coverage for blood transfusions only after your third unit of of blood in any calendar year.   So your first three units of blood in any given year are at your expense.
Cost of Pint of BloodIt’s not uncommon to require blood transfusions in the course of a surgery or if you have a bleeding disorder or one of the various cancers of the blood.   While hospitals cannot charge for blood itself, their collection, storage, handling and infusion charges routinely add up to $1500 or more per unit (Pint) that you need.   So when you contemplate the value of the blood transfusion benefit offered in the Medigap plans, it’s fair to regard that as a benefit worth $4500 or more if you ever find yourself needing a blood transfusion.

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