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Ugly Scenario for 2016 Part B Premiums is a Step Closer

In this earlier post we explained how Part B premiums might need to increase by 52 percent to $159.20 for millions Read more »

Plan B Premiums Could Increase by 52 percent for Millions in 2016

According to an article in Kaiser Health News,  Medicare trustees are projecting that 30 percent of seniors will see a 52-percent increase Read more »

These Ten States have the Highest Percentage of Medicare Enrollees

The percentage of each state’s population that was enrolled in Medicare Parts A and/or B in 2013 (latest data available). West Read more »

99.9% of You Can’t Correctly Answer These 10 Questions about Social Security

Social Security is pretty easy to understand, right?  This 10-question quiz  – orginally created by the MassMutual Financial Group – suggests Read more »

Medicare Blood Deductible and Blood Transfusion Benefit – What is it Worth?

If you are shopping for a Medicare Supplement Plan you might notice that all of them offer coverage – in Read more »

Plan F or G? Look Closely and You Might Choose G

Medicare Supplement Plan F has become by far the most popular Supplemental plan of all, chosen by over 50 percent Read more »

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